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Notifications about our support and maintenance programs - general system requirments.

We welcome all of our customers to email or call us for usage and technical issues. We maintain strict quality control to ensure the software runs error free. If an error occurrs we want to know about it. To facilitate a support request please be prepared with a detailed account of what you were doing, along with screen shots if possible.

We encourage all customers to use the 24/7 Live update feature to make sure it is always up to date.

Notifications and Bulletins

Versions 12 and higher are supported. Customers running previous versions will be asked to upgrade.

System Requirements

Windows XP or higher 32 or 64 bit with 1024 x 768 minimum video resolution.

For 3D Feature Recoginition Estimating with SolidWorks,  A list of tested and supported video cards and drivers are listed at this SolidWorks support site:

Microsoft Server 2003 or higher 32 or 64 bit

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