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Bill of Materials software with Assembly Modules

Streamline Your Manufacturing Process with Comprehensive Bill of Materials software and Assembly Modules to manage even your most complex jobs.

Key Features

Robust and Intuitive Bill of Materials
Multi-level Component Listings
Automated Cost Updating
Infinite Nesting of Line Items
SolidWorks® BOM Import

Gain Full Control and Oversight with Our Robust and Intuitive Bill of Materials

Keep track of all components involved in your manufacturing process with our easy-to-use yet powerful BOM module. It ensures accuracy and efficiency, letting you focus on what matters most production.

Comprehensive Planning with Multi-level Component Listings

List components at multiple levels for a detailed view of complex assemblies. Better planning and understanding of your manufacturing process are just a few clicks away.

Screenshot of Bill of Material Routing
An estimator looks over a spreadsheet of costs on a tablet.

Keep Your Estimates Accurate with Automated Cost Updating

Never worry about outdated estimates. Our software automatically updates the cost of components and assemblies based on changes in material costs or labor rates.

Understand Every Detail with Infinite Nesting of Line Items

Our solution allows for infinite nesting of line items, providing a comprehensive understanding of all elements involved in the manufacturing process.

An estimator looks over a spreadsheet of costs on a tablet.
An engineer working on an activity-based estimate on a computer on the shop floor.

Simplify Your Workflow with SolidWorks® BOM Import

Import your BOM directly from SolidWorks®. Save time and reduce potential errors with this seamless integration.

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