Webinar Schedule


Thur, DEC 14th @ 12pm EST

Mastering Materials in Micro Estimating: Speeds and Feeds Unleashed

  • Dive deep into material setups, emphasizing speed and feed nuances.

Thur, DEC 21st @ 12pm EST

Mill Estimating: Harnessing Feature Recognition

  • Unlock the power of feature recognition for milling processes, ensuring top-notch estimates every time.

Replay Webinars

Aired on: Thur, Oct 5th @ 12pm EST

CNC Turning – Estimating with Micro Estimating

  • Discover how to quickly get your CNC lathe quotes out without sacrificing accuracy using our Cycle Time calculators for CNC Lathes.

Aired on: Thur, Oct 12th @ 12pm EST

Accurate Estimating for CNC Milling

  • Discover the advanced features of Micro Estimating for CNC milling and elevate your quoting accuracy and speed.

Aired on: Thur, Oct 19th @ 12pm EST

Micro Estimating Deep Dive – Shop Setup

  • A step-by-step guide on setting up company details, contacts, and more in Micro Estimating

Aired on: Tues, Oct 24th @ 12pm EST

Feature Recognition for Estimating – CNC Lathe

  • Dive deep into the feature recognition capabilities for CNC Lathe and learn how to create precise estimates quickly.
  • Work with 3D files within Solidworks to directly estimate cycle times.

Aired on: Thur, Nov 2nd @ 12pm EST

Swiss CNC – Estimating Magic with Micro Estimating

  • Dive into the intricacies of Swiss CNC estimating with Micro Estimating. Learn how our tools can simplify and enhance the precision of your Swiss CNC estimates.

Aired on: Thur, Nov 9th @ 12pm EST

Micro Estimating Deep Dive – Machines/Workcenters in Micro Estimating

  • Get familiar with setting up Machines and Workcenters in Micro Estimating. Optimize your workflow and increase efficiency with a well-organized setup.
  • Step-by-step guide on setting up Machines and Workcenters in the software, followed by a Q&A segment.

Aired on: Thur, Nov 16th @ 12pm EST

Fabrication Estimating Done Right

  • Explore the robust capabilities of Micro Estimating for fabrication processes. Understand how to leverage the software for accurate and quick fabrication estimates.
  • Demonstration of the estimating process for fabrication tasks, followed by a Q&A.

Aired on: Thur, Nov 30th @ 12pm EST

Bill of Materials (BOM) & Assembly estimating with Micro Estimating

  • Delve into Bill of Materials (BOM) estimating with Micro Estimating. Learn how to streamline your BOM estimates and enhance accuracy.
  • A thorough demonstration of BOM estimating using Micro Estimating, ending with a Q&A session.