Webinar Schedule

Replay Webinars

Aired on: Thur, Nov 9th @ 12pm EST

Micro Estimating Deep Dive – Machines/Workcenters in Micro Estimating

  • Get familiar with setting up Machines and Workcenters in Micro Estimating. Optimize your workflow and increase efficiency with a well-organized setup.
  • Step-by-step guide on setting up Machines and Workcenters in the software, followed by a Q&A segment.

Aired on: Thur, Nov 16th @ 12pm EST

Fabrication Estimating Done Right

  • Explore the robust capabilities of Micro Estimating for fabrication processes. Understand how to leverage the software for accurate and quick fabrication estimates.
  • Demonstration of the estimating process for fabrication tasks, followed by a Q&A.

Aired on: Thur, Nov 30th @ 12pm EST

Bill of Materials (BOM) & Assembly estimating with Micro Estimating

  • Delve into Bill of Materials (BOM) estimating with Micro Estimating. Learn how to streamline your BOM estimates and enhance accuracy.
  • A thorough demonstration of BOM estimating using Micro Estimating, ending with a Q&A session.

Aired on: Thur, DEC 14th @ 12pm EST

Mastering Materials in Micro Estimating: Speeds and Feeds Unleashed

  • Dive deep into material setups, emphasizing speed and feed nuances.

Aired on: Thur, DEC 21st @ 12pm EST

Mill Estimating: Harnessing Feature Recognition

  • Unlock the power of feature recognition for milling processes, ensuring top-notch estimates every time.

Thur, Jan 18th @ 12pm EST

Seamless Vendor Management: Mastering RFQs with Micro Estimating

  • Dive into effective vendor management strategies and learn how to use Micro Estimating to enhance your RFQ process. Ideal for those seeking to optimize supplier interactions and response times.

Thur, Jan 25th @ 12pm EST

Beyond Spreadsheets: The Power of Micro Estimating Over Excel

  • Discover why Micro Estimating is the superior choice over traditional Excel spreadsheets. Perfect for professionals ready to elevate their estimating accuracy and efficiency.

Thur, Feb 1st @ 12pm EST

Screw Machines Uncovered: Acme Operations and In-Depth Reporting

  • Explore the unique aspects of Acme screw machines and how Micro Estimating can aid in precise operations and comprehensive reporting. A must-attend for specialists in screw machine operations.

Thur, Feb 8th @ 12pm EST

Swiss CNC – Estimating Magic with Micro Estimating

  • Dive into the intricacies of Swiss CNC estimating with Micro Estimating. Learn how our tools can simplify and enhance the precision of your Swiss CNC estimates.