Accurately estimate CNC milling cycle times with Micro Estimating’s expert engineering system.

Our expert engineering system provides comprehensive databases and proprietary formulas to ensure precise calculations, saving you time and ensuring accurate quotes. Get within +/-1% of actual cycle times and quote rapidly with confidence.

Milling Operations

Add machining operations for this part setup. Each operation has specific questions to start calculating cycle times with the minimal amount of information.

Process Operations

You can give the operations a more descriptive name and rearrange them in any order.

Tool Position

The next tool position is automatically chosen for you. Or you can choose it yourself.

Details Completed

The check mark let's you know we have all the information we need to calculate the cycle time. If you are in the process of collecting more detailed information, such as the tolerance or finish, you can uncheck the box to remind yourself that you have additional information to add.


Attach CAD files or drawings associated with this part.

Automatic Feature Recognition

Run Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) against your CAD file to populate the entire operations list for you.


Micro Estimating contains reports, including Gantt charts, ready for use right out of the box. You can build additional reports using Microsoft Word.

Optimize your CNC milling cycle times with precision and accuracy.

Our expert engineering system is equipped with comprehensive databases and proprietary formulas to help you accurately calculate cycle times for CNC milling. With data on hundreds of machines, fixture types, cutting tools, and more, our customers consistently achieve results within +/-1% of their actual cycle times, all while quoting rapidly. Say goodbye to guesswork and streamline your manufacturing processes with Micro Estimating’s CNC Milling Cycle Time Calculator.

Get accurate cycle times and quotes with precision.

Don’t waste time manually calculating cycle times and quotes. Our CNC Milling Cycle Time Calculator uses proprietary formulas and a vast database of materials, machines, operations, and more to provide accurate results within +/-1%. With options to add and edit machine tools, you can ensure precision in your estimates and streamline your quoting process. Say goodbye to guesswork and start quoting rapidly with confidence.

A milling head with a drill bit. Machine outputs are showing in the background.
An estimator looks over a spreadsheet of costs on a tablet.

Optimize your CNC milling cycle time with precision.

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in your CNC milling cycle time calculations with our machine tool emulation feature. Our system utilizes thousands of parameter combinations to provide you with precise and reliable estimates, allowing you to quote rapidly and confidently. Say goodbye to guesswork and maximize efficiency in your operations.

Maximize efficiency with precise cycle time calculations.

Don’t waste valuable time and resources on inaccurate cycle time estimates. Our CNC Milling Cycle Time Calculator uses activity-based estimating to calculate material removal based on your parts’ unique features. With our precise calculations, you can maximize efficiency, quote rapidly, and get within +/-1% of your actual cycle times. Streamline your processes and boost productivity today.

An engineer working on an activity-based estimate on a computer on the shop floor.

Ready to take the guesswork out of your CNC milling cycle time calculations and start quoting with confidence?