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Streamline Your Fabrication Processes

Optimize your fabrication operations with Micro Estimating. We bring precise cycle time estimation for all your Fabrication tasks, including Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, and more.

Key Features

Hand Fab Machines
Jump Shear
Laser Cutting
Oxy-fuel Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Water Jet Cutting
Nibbling Machine
Power Press Brakes
Power Shears
Single Station Punch
Punch Press – 2nd Op
Strip/Coil Punch Press
Turret Punch
2D Feature Recognition

Exceptional Cycle Time Accuracy

Micro Estimating’s Fabrication module provides cycle-time estimates within +/- 1% of actual. Adjust the system to your specific fabrication cycle times with our customizable parameters and feeds.

Efficient Process Planning

Integrate every element impacting your fabrication cycle time into your quotes. Add external services, estimated tool life, and more, or simply maintain top-level costs.

An estimator looks over a spreadsheet of costs on a tablet.

Powerful Report Generation

Turn your fabrication cycle time estimates into detailed reports with Microsoft Word. Email them directly or export as PDFs for simple sharing with your customers.

Vendor Module Efficiency

Send RFQs for your fabrication operations to your vendors and input their pricing for the quote directly within the module. Experience simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

An engineer working on an activity-based estimate on a computer on the shop floor.

2D Feature Recognition for Simplified Estimating

Our 2D Feature Recognition, powered by ProCAM, lets you load a CAD file and automatically recognize features to load into Micro Estimating, saving you valuable time and effort.

Optimized for Different Fabrication Processes

Micro Estimating supports various Fabrication types, allowing you to select the most suitable one for each part. Whether it’s Hand Fab Machines, Cutting, Punches, Presses, Brakes, or Shears, we’ve got you covered.

Exceptional Cycle Time Accuracy for Hand Fab Machines

Optimize hand fab machine processes with cycle-time estimates within +/- 1% of actual, making it easy to forecast project timelines and costs accurately.

Seamless Process Planning for Cutting

Incorporate every element impacting your laser cutting cycle time into your quotes, from outside services to estimated tool life, and more. And not just lasers, but our calculators also include Oxy-fuel Cutting cycle time, Plasma Cutting cycle time, and Water Jet Cutting cycle time!

Brake and Shear with Confidence

No more manual calculations for you. Use our Jump Shear cycle time calculator to handle that for you. Does your shop use Power Press Brakes and Power Shears? We have an app for that too.

 Optimize Punch Cycle Times

Experience precise cycle time estimates for punch operations, allowing you to plan and execute with accuracy. Why limit yourself to a single (station) punch, when you could also use our Strip and Coil Punch Press cycle time calculator, Turret Punch, or even calculate second ops on your Punch Press?

Enhanced Nibbling Machine Efficiency

Improve your nibbling machine operations with our advanced cycle time estimation tool. Achieve better productivity and cost-effectiveness for all your nibbling tasks.

Ready to Streamline Your Fabrication Processes?

When it comes to your Fabrication processes, you need precise and user-friendly estimating. Get ready to optimize with Micro Estimating.