Terms of Service

One year from the Effective Date on the contract. This term will automatically renew for additional one-year terms. Either party may terminate this agreement with 30 days prior written notice, or in accordance with the Terms of Service.
Software Seats:
Seats of Micro Estimating cost engineering software are licensed per concurrent user.
Seats of Solidworks are licensed per computer. Seats of Solidworks software cannot be offered on a trial basis.
Payment Terms:
Micro Estimating Systems, Inc. (“MES”) will invoice Subscriber according to their selected plan. Subscriber will pay MES all fees and any other amounts owed under this Agreement, plus any applicable sales, use, excise, or other taxes. MES reserves the right to modify its fees and charges and to introduce new charges, upon at least 30 days prior email notice to Subscriber. All pricing terms are confidential, and Subscriber agrees not to disclose them to any third party without MES’s prior approval. All amounts paid are nonrefundable, subject to Subscriber’s cancellation rights described above. Other than net income taxes imposed on MES, Subscriber will bear all taxes, duties, and other governmental charges (collectively, “taxes”) resulting from this Agreement.