Boosting Profitability with Micro Estimating: Free Your Machinists for What Matters

Written By Joseph Rose

May 17, 2023

In the world of manufacturing, efficiency and accuracy are the key drivers of profitability. One tool that stands out in delivering on both these fronts is Micro Estimating. Not only does our platform offer highly accurate cost estimates, but it also promotes operational efficiency by freeing up your skilled machinists to focus on what they do best: manufacturing! Let’s delve into how Micro Estimating achieves this.

The Power of Precise Estimations

Micro Estimating revolutionizes manufacturing cost estimating by integrating thousands of machine tool parameters, cutting tool parameters, material speeds and feeds, and more. This data-driven approach takes into account the millions of possibilities in your shop, allowing for cycle time and cost estimates that are within plus or minus 1% of the actual values.

What does this mean for your business? Enhanced accuracy in estimating leads to competitive pricing, ensuring you’re never underquoting, thereby risking profitability, or overquoting and risking competitiveness.

Focusing on What Matters Most: Manufacturing

By design, Micro Estimating is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling any engineer to become proficient in cost estimating. This means your skilled machinists can concentrate on their area of expertise: bringing your products to life.

Machinists are vital in the manufacturing process. By delegating the estimating process to engineers trained on the Micro Estimating platform, your machinists can invest their time in manufacturing jobs you’ve already won. This not only boosts operational efficiency but also contributes to your bottom line as you extract maximum value from each job.

Consistency for Continued Success

Another significant benefit of Micro Estimating is the repeatability it brings to your manufacturing process. Our platform ensures that once you’ve created an accurate and profitable estimate, you can replicate it, leading to consistent results and continued profitability. That consistency carries through to your entire team, even on new parts, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Ongoing success

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, it’s crucial to leverage every advantage possible. With Micro Estimating, businesses gain a powerful tool that offers precise cost estimates, promotes operational efficiency, and drives profitability. By freeing your machinists to focus on actual manufacturing jobs and training engineers to handle the estimating process, you set your business up for sustained success.


Experience the Micro Estimating edge today and boost your manufacturing profitability while letting your machinists focus on what truly matters: crafting the high-quality products your customers have come to expect from you.

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