An engineer working on an activity-based estimate on a computer on the shop floor.

Your Competitive Edge with Micro Estimating

Precision estimating and quoting software tailored for machine shops, fabricators, and manufacturers.

Machine Cycle Time Calculators

Experience the best in class machine cycle time calculators, covering CNC machining, fabrication, and more. From CNC Turning to Water Jet Cutting, we’ve got you covered.

Process Planning

Harness cost-based and activity-based estimating techniques that allow for detailed process planning and fine-tuning of your manufacturing operations.

Assembly Estimating

Get an upper hand in assembly estimating with our tools that factor in outside services, direct buys, estimated tool life, and more.

Quote Management

Create comprehensive and professional quotes for your customers. Send them directly via email or save as PDFs for future use.

Automatic Feature Recognition

Load a CAD file and get the features automatically loaded into Micro Estimating. Our 3D version works with any solid CAD file and is integrated with SolidWorks and CAMWorks. The 2D version works with DXF/DWG files and is integrated with ProCAM.

A CAD engineer working on a computer with drawings on his desk.

Customizable Parameters

Our software comes with hundreds of machine parameters which you can customize to reflect your shop’s reality, ensuring more accurate estimates.

Speeds and Feeds

Micro Estimating includes speeds and feeds for every operation and tool, allowing for fine tuning based on your specific circumstances.

Thread Library

Our comprehensive thread library matches threads to tap and drill sizes, providing additional accuracy and efficiency to your manufacturing process.

What our customers are saying

The marketplace for contract manufacturing is very competitive – especially for the most rewarding work.  Teton Machine Company has invested a great deal in machine tools and human resources to position ourselves as a provider of complex mid to high volume machined parts and sub-assemblies.  Being able to quickly and accurately quote cycle and set-up times for a variety of CNC Swiss and CNC lathes with sub-spindles and live tooling as well as vertical and horizontal mills with up to five axis and varying capabilities is a must.  Micro Estimating allows us to set up the software to reflect our shop capabilities, provide quick and accurate estimates and win the jobs that help our company grow.

Jim F.

Teton Machine Company

Estimating Software Yields Higher Profits at Liberty Brass

After purchasing a computer-aided estimating system, Liberty Brass began an intensive, all-encompassing operation analysis that included precise time studies for each piece of equipment in the shop.

Read the full case study for more details.

Ready for Precision?

Get the competitive edge you need with precision estimating and quoting software, tailored for machine shops, fabricators, and manufacturers.